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9 to 5 not my bag of tea. I worked one of those jobs only it was 8 am to when ever pm. Now I wish I had discovered Watkins 20 years ago. Or even 5 years ago.

Working for the man just never gave me the life that I wanted for me and my family. Now with my children and grand children my needs has become to the point where it is even harder to meet those desires.

If this describes you now would be the time to start a home business, not later when you need it. Watkins has products that you would use every day. Uses are for cleaning, cooking, personal care, and nutrients. All of these are natural products and 100% guaranteed.  

I know your first thought, it’s a pyramid. Yes it is network marketing pyramid with you at the top instead of the bottom. Now are you curious. I like to explain it like this. You have started your own business and are the boss. One exception you do not have employees yet you earn off your downline. Just do not forget you are still at the top and always will be. The only time you try to help is when ask for by the people you sponsor. This does not mean not to stay in touch.

I will not go into retailing that is not what I am interested in. My home is Salina, Kansas. The population is just under 50,000. I suggest to prospects that if they could get one half of that 50,000 to become a Watkins Associate that one half of that 25,000 within 5 years could be millionaires.

I will leave you with that thought.

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Introduction To Jim and Elaines Blog

Jim and Elaine have been in network marketing for 8 years. We have tried them all mostly scams. Out purpose of this blog is to help new marketeers to avoid those scams. Believe me they can get rather expensive.

At this time we are involved with to of what we think are the best. Watkins Summit Group and SFI/TripleClicks.

The training sites for these are top of the line. Just page after page of information.

Watkins Summit Group is $39.95 per year to get started and $30.00 each year after. Here you can make from $500 to $1000.00 per month working part time. This is available in USA and Canada.

SFI/TripleClicks is free to signup and you can have your own garage sale online. After two years I am now making in the neighborhood of $300.00 per month. Most selling products on my E Commerce site.

I am sure if I would work just a little harder I could be making more. But I would prefer to build a network with Watkins and have residual in come even if I am gone on vacation or just loafing around the house with the family.

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